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An Elite GNU/Linux System

Practice and learn evergreen technology principles.

Invest in Yourself

Invest in learning core technology that has stood the test of time. Unix philosophy, vim-centricity, and simplicity are the core of Aegix Linux.

Contributions welcome!

We do a Pull Request contributions workflow on GitHub. New users are always welcome!

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Instructional videos are available on our YouTube Channel.

Every Aegix installation has suckless GUIs, is LUKS encrypted, uses the runit init system (not systemd), and employs a BTRFS filesystem with subvolumes for snapshots and rollbacks via optionally installable timeshift.

Easy Turn-key Installation

Aegix installation is straight-forward, providing automated setup to get you up and running quickly and securely.

Developer Friendly

Get started with a full development environment out of the box. Aegix is a great platform for learning and practicing software development.

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